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Sat, December 22, 2018

10:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Phoenix, Arizona native Daniel Kutz, better known as Fashen became an essential part of the budding Los Angeles club circuit in the early 90’s. With over 10 years of radio under his belt and almost 2 decades behind the turntables performing at concerts, clubs, and producing multiple mix CDs and remixes, Fashen continues to dominate and secure his position at the forefront in the evolving world of DJing.

Fashen has grown to become synonymous with the art of DJing throughout the world. Photography, architecture, and art are Fashen’s inspiration for music. Using this design-inspired approach allows him to weave in and out of music genres with precision and ease.
With a wealth of musical knowledge that spans the genres of rock, electro, hip hop, and pop, Fashen plays an eclectic mix to crowds spanning the globe.

He is recognized and reveled as one of the hardest working DJ’s in the business. Making a living out of what he calls “a bedroom hobby” Fashen counts his blessings citing that if he wasn’t out touring the world and performing for celebrity jet-setters he’d be working the nine to five with everyone else.

“I have a great work ethic. I get that from my father. There’s always something to be done, and someone who needs to do it. May as well be me.”

Obsessed and entranced audiences are captivated by his electric style and mind blowing delivery. With his mad skill, seemingly effortless durability, hustle and larger than life personality Fashen has not only the raised the bar of Djing but solidified his current ranking as one of the most sought after turntablist in the world and has earned the title of Mixshow Power Summit’s West Coast DJ of the Year. After winning Rockstar Energy Drink’s “Next on the Decks” contest, he was able to deliver his unique blends to the hottest clubs in New York, Miami, Hollywood, Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco, all over the Mid-West, Canada, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, other parts of Asia and Melbourne and The Gold Coast Australia.

At their shows and events, Fashen has performed for A-listers like Kanye West, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Run DMC, Jay-Z, Paris Hilton, The Kardashians, and David Lachapelle.

“We’ve had this guy do half a dozen shows for us and he’s never once played anything close to the same set… absolutely brilliant musically and on the cutting edge always. He’s a monster technically and one cool ass dude.”

At the core Fashen is a thoughtful DJ whose passion shows through his sets. He guarantees a delivery of blending all genre of music at any given time has earned the respect of his peers. Mixing and scratching on records, performing at worldwide venues combined with years of mixing on Phoenix’s number one hip-hop and R&B radio station, Fashen has created more than just a name for himself…. he’s the brand.
A Sacramento boy to the core, Logan "DJ JB" Aguirre got his
start rocking house parties for his friends. Inspired by an enthusiastic crowd and DJ mixes heard on the radio, JB began to perfect his mixing skills and expand his musical selections. It wasn't long before he was noticed by a club promoter in his hometown and his career took off. Never stuck in rut, JB is constantly evolving and learning new tricks to keep his crowd screaming for more.

Racking up an impressive roster of clients, DJ JB is the favorite choice for politicians like former NBA legend and Mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson and State Assembly Speaker John A. Perez. JB isn't all about local politics; he's played with major artists such as John Hart, Baby Bash, Slim of 112 and the duo Chromeo. Opening for and playing with established DJs such as DJ Skribble, DJ Enferno, DJ Serafin, DJ Loczi and tons of S.K.A.M artists have given JB more recognition and positive accolades in the industry.

Just a few years into his career and JB was working big-name corporate gigs for Verizon, Puma, Costco and Guess. From rocking the "Exotic Erotic Halloween Ball" Sacramento's biggest Halloween party to keeping baseball and basketball players dancing at their own private parties, JB's following is growing at lightning speed. Playing a variety of venues for eclectic audiences of thousands is exactly what fuels JB's passion: "With each job I never know what to expect, I just make sure I continuously keep the party going," he says.

What's next for Sacramento's favorite open-format DJ? When he's not on the turntables himself, JB's busy producing his own custom remixes and bringing in another element to his presentation with video-mixing.

JB has rocked Las Vegas & South Lake Tahoe Nevada, All over California, Texas, and Portland Oregon.

Behind the scenes DJ JB takes on a more managerial role by working as a marketing/entertainment director for "Momo Lounge" one of the top clubs in Sacramento. Traveling around the East Coast this season brings him to hot clubs in New York, Philadelphia, & North Carolina where his signature style will clearly make its mark. "When I rock the decks I want everyone to be dancing and having a good time," JB observes. That is one goal this DJ has clearly achieved.
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Momo Sacramento
2708 J Street
Sacramento, CA, 95816