A Sacramento boy to the core, Logan “DJ JB” Aguirre got his start rocking house parties for his friends. Inspired by an enthusiastic crowd and DJ mixes heard on the radio, JB began to perfect his mixing skills and expand his musical selections. It wasn’t long before he was noticed by a club promoter in his hometown and his career took off. Never stuck in rut, JB is constantly evolving and learning new tricks to keep his crowd screaming for more.

Racking up an impressive roster of clients, DJ JB is the favorite choice for politicians like former NBA legend and Mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson and State Assembly Speaker John A. Perez. JB isn’t all about local politics; he’s played with major artists such as John Hart, Baby Bash, Slim of 112 and the duo Chromeo. JB has rocked Las Vegas & South Lake Tahoe, and Reno Nevada. Also all over California, Texas,Washington D.C., Washington, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, North Carolina, Florida and Portland Oregon.

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